■ Port Agency

In port, before ship’s arrival and until its departure, our team will manage all aspects of Port Agency, always ready to resolve any unexpected issue quickly and efficiently.

- Port Clearance
- Berth reservation
- Bunkering
- Fresh Water supply
- Waste disposal
- Ship chandler
- Medical assistance (guests & crew) 
- Luggage handling
- Local Transportation
- Banking Transaction
- Travel and transportation
- Tourism Arrangements
- Courier

■ Shore excursions

When planning shore excursions, our aim is to offer smooth itineraries through outstanding programs. With the scope to exceed passenger expectations and to present them the very best that Albania may offer with the wish to satisfy our guests and establishing long lasting relations.

■ Turnarounds

We are in direct contact with guests on arrival, providing any assistance and delivering a warm welcome service on behalf of the cruise line.

All logistical aspects related to transfers are handled by our team. We take guests to and from ports, hotels and airports.

We ensure the safety, security and transport of luggage, helping guests and working with cruise line representatives to facilitate an easy and efficient operation

We deliver the complete service, going beyond the normal Turnaround responsibilities to provide further information or shore excursions and even make restaurant reservations.