■ Cargo Survey

At any point in the chain of custody where commodities are transported or distributed questions about condition and quantity may arise. Problems may occur at the point of transfer, at loading or discharge, or as a result of problems in the products' manufacture, their storage, or the way they have been transported. The different parties in commercial trade today are also often separated by large distances and cultural and language barriers may also involve an increased risk of misunderstandings.

At this stage, our qualified staff can perform

- Pre-loading and/or pre-discharging surveys
- Draft surveys
- Ullage surveys
- Drawing of samples
- Weight monitoring of bulk cargoes
- Tally survey during loading and/or discharging
- Cargo damage surveys

■ Vessel and Boat survey

Over the years our company has performed a considerable number of surveys in the shipping sector for various clients as ship-owners, P&I Clubs, P&I underwriters, H&M underwriters, charterers, etc.

Namely we may perform:

P&I Condition surveys;
Hull and machinery surveys;
On-Off Hire Condition and Bunker Surveys;
Ultrasonic tests of hatch covers;
Investigation of collision and/or various maritime incidents;

■ Containers and warehouses (stock monitoring)

The company performs the inspection of containers (including control of their water tightness with ultrasonic equipment) and warehouses for their condition before use.  Apart of inspection of the warehouses (usually conducted on the request of underwriters worldwide) we monitor the progress of trade contracts, through the registration of entry-exit of cargo which foreign clients/traders realize in the local market through stock storage;

■ Ultrasonic Test – Hatch cover

We have certified surveyors in our staff to perform Ultrasonic tests for the hatch covers. Our surveyors are using Sherlog equipment, which is accepted from main Classification Societies around the world. Each ultrasonic test is done together with visual inspections of the hatch covers, and if requested our surveyor may detect all the deficiencies in the hatch covers. So in complex, we offer an inspection of the hatch covers general conditions together with the report generated from the equipment. 

■ Non Marine Survey

Over the years, our company has performed and obtained valuable experience in various non-marine surveys, namely: Flooding; Fire; Engineering; Public liability; Loss of profits; Pre-risk assessment; Plant & machinery, premises; Medical claim investigation and handling and others.